Heavy Duty Clutches

Proper clutch maintenance will improve your truck’s performance and prevent a breakdown on the road. Whether you need a simple adjustment or a clutch replacement give The Gear Centre a call! Our branches are well- stocked with the best quality clutches in the industry covering the widest range of applications possible — all at competitive prices.

The Gear Centre is now an Authorized Distributor of Eaton Heavy Duty Clutches! We carry a wide range of new Eaton heavy duty clutches for manual transmissions. We stock EverTough 14” & 15.5” Self-Adjust and Manual Adjust clutches with 1400 to 2250 lb-ft torque ratings. Our stores also carry Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage Self & Manual Adjust clutches that offer maximum up time and performance.

EverTough Self & Manual Adjust

Eaton EverTough Self & Manual Adjust Clutch
  • 14 inch & 15.5 inch
  • 1400-2050 lbs-ft torque
  • 25,000-mile lube interval
  • Stainless steel springs & premium dampers for increased durability and long life

Advantage Self & Manual Adjust

Advantage Self & Manual Adjust Clutch
  • 14 inch & 15.5 inch
  • 1650-2250 lbs-ft torque
  • 50,000-mile lube interval
  • Superior torque transfer & exceptional damper performance for maximum fuel economy

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