Automotive Lockers

Going off-road? Increase the traction power of your four or two-wheel-drive with our wide selection of lockers that will help keep you on the right track or trail.

When you add a locker to your vehicle differential, you get 100% of the available torque delivered to both wheels of an axle. This means both wheels spin in the same direction and at the exact same speed even if one of them lifts off the ground.

The Gear Centre offers lockers from some of the top brand names in the industry such as:

  • Detroit Locker
  • Auburn Gear Ected
  • Auburn full and mini spools
  • ARB Locker
  • Lock Right
  • Powertrax No-Slip
  • Dana full spools
  • OE Dana Posi

All of our lockers come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.