From its humble beginnings as a small service shop in Edmonton, Alberta in 1975, The Gear Centre has evolved over the years to become Canada’s leading drivetrain parts & service provider for the automotive and heavy truck industries.

With 11 Truck & Auto facilities and three product distribution warehouses across Canada, we will help you get the components you need with minimal downtime. All of our locations have service shops that can repair your heavy truck or automotive vehicle. Click here to find a location near you!

Truck Hydraulics

At The Gear Centre we repair hydraulic truck mounted equipment. With factory-trained technicians and full-service shop facilities, we are well equipped to perform any hydraulic maintenance or repair you may need.

In addition to repairing your hydraulic truck mounted equipment, we stock parts and units for hydraulic applications to ensure that you are up and running in no time. We can also supply custom wet line kits to meet your hydraulic truck needs. Call or visit one of The Gear Centre locations and we will be happy to assist you in repairing your truck or choosing the correct component for your application.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Select The Gear Centre branches in Alberta* are now certified inspection facilities licensed by Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Safety Division. Our trade qualified technicians perform comprehensive inspections on all major vehicle components including, but not limited to, powertrain, steering, electrical, fuel/exhaust systems, brakes and suspension.

Light Truck: 2 Hour Inspections**
Tandem Tridem: 5 Hour Inspections**
** Required Repairs Not Included

Once the inspection is completed, our certified service technician will review the report with you and explain what repairs are needed, if any, and the associated costs. The majority of powertrain heavy truck repairs needed can be performed by The Gear Centre’s service shop to help you reduce your downtime.

If the vehicle passes inspection, a certification decal will be applied to the unit that shows the inspection date. All commercially plated vehicles require an annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection according to the National Safety Code. Trust the professionals at The Gear Centre to help make this part of your preventive maintenance program. Click here to find a location near you.

*Lethbridge branch yet to offer the CVI Program


With our fully certified service centres in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Mississauga, Surrey, Moncton and Medicine Hat, The Gear Centre is fully capable of removing, repairing, remanufacturing and reinstalling any automotive or heavy truck component or unit we service.

Our journeymen, factory-trained technicians, drive through service bays and complete in-house machine shops combine for quality and efficient service.

All of our installation bays are fully ISO 9001 certified and are equipped to handle virtually any job that you require.

Our facilities continually stay on the cutting edge of OEM technology and adhere to their strict quality standards.

Custom Wetline Kits

wetline kit is used for raising and lowering a dump bed, operating product blowers, engaging walking floors or other applications that utilize hydraulic systems.

At The Gear Centre, we can customize your wetline kit by offering a variety of power take-offs, pumps, hoses, reservoirs, cables, coolers and controllers for your specific application.

Proper equipment specifications and component matching will ensure your hydraulic system works when you need it.


There are many things that could be causing a problem in your vehicle. Troubleshooting allows us at The Gear Centre to help you find the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Troubleshooting also ensures that you don’t waste valuable time or money repairing or replacing a part only to find out it did not take care of the issue.

The Gear Centre can help you identify your problem and solve it in one of our many heavy truck bays at any of our full-service shops. Click here to find a location near you.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance of your equipment helps to sustain vehicle operation and combats unwanted and unexpected downtime, helping you save money.

By periodically inspecting your vehicle or equipment you can make adjustments, minor repairs, lubricate and report or record data or problems that can minimize breakdowns and maximize efficiency.

Come to The Gear Centre to prevent a problem before it happens and to save yourself from large and expensive repairs or idle downtime in the future.


At The Gear Centre, we don’t just rebuild, we remanufacture. The remanufacturing process includes disassembling and cleaning of the unit, restoring, repairing or completely replacing parts to assure complete long-term satisfaction and a quality unit.

All remanufactured transmissions, transfer cases, and torque converters are dynotested under load conditions on our Aidco 450 transmission dynamometers.

Whether you are looking for a transmission, differentials, or transfer cases for heavy truck, automotive, transit, agriculture or industrial machinery, your local The Gear Centre can assist you in finding exactly what you need.